Moditech Srl




Moditech srl has a consolidated experience in Facility Management, formed over time through projects and provision of services to industrial customers and prestigious public and private buildings. With the Facility Management service of Moditech srl, the customer can delegate the integrated management of auxiliary services and activities not related to his core business, such as the Engineering of Works and Plant Maintenance services. Feasibility studies and system planning are
carried out to support the services from the construction phase to the management phase.
All project-related activities, from the analysis of the technical and economic needs of customers to the executive project of the work, are part of the engineering of the works. Moditech srl provides for a structured design which, starting from the feasibility study, allows the precise identification of costs and technological choices up to the executive project of the work or service including the plan of activities, resources, technical specifications and everything with regard to safety on the workplace.


Moditech srl holds multi-year maintenance contracts both in the steel industry and in the automation sector, guaranteeing the operation and preventive, scheduled and extraordinary maintenance of systems serving the property, thermomechanical systems, electrical and special systems such as transformation cabins MT / BT, UPS and uninterruptible power supplies, low
voltage and medium voltage switchboards, secondary area switchboards, lighting bodies, goods sorting systems in the field of large distribution and baggage handling in the airport field, fielding high-profile professional skills technical.