Moditech Srl


The Moditech Srl company was established in 1990 and over the years has focused on the following product sectors:

MT and BT electrical switchboards;
Electro-Instrumental Systems;
Cable trolleys for moving machines and cranes;
AT and MT terminals for overhead power lines and substations;
Software development for industrial automation;
The installation and maintenance of conveyor belts;
The installation and maintenance of facility management technological systems;

The general management MODITECH Srl, sensitive and fully aware of the implications related to the concept of “environmental protection and health and safety in the workplace” deriving from its activities, recognizes that a responsible economic strategy is essential for its success, for the satisfaction of its customers and all stakeholders. MODITECH S.r.l. therefore undertakes to pursue a policy of continuous improvement of its performance, minimizing, where technically possible, the dangers to the environment and to people, arising from the development of its activities.


Pursue customer satisfaction and in general ensure the satisfaction of the expectations of all stakeholders (Workers, Properties, Suppliers, Partners, Public Bodies) ensuring the continuous improvement of performance through the supply of technologically advanced products and services;

Guarantee the presence of a healthy and safe working environment through the continuous improvement of its Integrated Management system;

Preserve the environment affected by our activities by limiting the ecological footprint.


The achievement of the management’s VISION passes through the pursuit of the objectives and strategic guidelines set out below:

Implement and maintain an effective Integrated Quality-Environment-Safety Management System according to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 UNI EN ISO 14001 and UNI ISO 45001

Punctually analyze the internal / external context of the organization in order to identify and evaluate any threats or opportunities;

Develop appropriate actions aimed at mitigating threats or pursuing opportunities through integrated objectives and targets;

Constantly seek to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of processes;

Act responsibly, in compliance with mandatory legislation, ensuring that its activities are carried out at the headquarters or at the operational sites, by adequately trained personnel equipped with the most suitable individual and collective protection systems;

Make every effort in organizational, operational and technological terms to prevent environmental pollution and provide a healthy work environment, so that we can carry out our operations in order to minimize environmental impacts, risks of injury, occupational disease and accident;

Consistently manage and achieve high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources, rationalizing consumption, limiting the production of waste and promoting, where possible, its reuse, recycling and recovery;

Select and promote the development of contractors according to the principles of this policy, committing them to maintain behavior consistent with it, constantly verifying their results and progress in the development of orders;

Ensure that these elements are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization and that the system is supported by periodic and systematic training and training activities;

Ensure that this document is available to all interested parties: employees, contract workers, contractors and visitors;