Moditech Srl



The headquarters and the main establishments of MODITECH srl are in Busnago, in the north-east of the province of Monza, in the heart of one of the most dynamic and productive industrial center in Brianza, where many companies of different nature share tradition, technology and passion for work.

MODITECH srl has expressed, in its 30 years of history, the concept of ‘Made in Italy’ all over the world, creating technologically advanced projects, able to highlight know-how, human qualities, research and innovation. Our strategic vision is recognized in every product or service that is disbursed.



Moditech srl was founded in 1990 and within a few years it became a well-known and appreciated company in the fields of electrical and instrumental engineering systems, in steel mills and oil and gas refineries, in the construction of low and medium voltage switchboards and in the production of terminal blocks for high and medium voltage power lines. Over time, Moditech srl changed its corporate structure and in January 2016 the company was taken over by Olimar srl, a financial holding company wholly owned by the Calciano family. Thanks to new investments and the increase in the workforce with highly specialized personnel, a period of significant expansion began which allowed for a constant increase in both, revenue and clientele. Today Moditech srl with its diversified and integrated activities guarantees the overcoming and consequent resolution of all the critical issues of a project from the engineering phase to the commissioning of the start up of a system. Thanks to the immense experience accumulated during thirty years of activity, it can boast of a customer portfolio with prestigious national and international names and companies, in addition to a very high specialization in its areas of expertise.


Know-how and experience allow Moditech srl the complete management of a project, from the study and engineering phase up to commissioning. With a view to an expansive commercial policy, the company is committed to continually updating its working methods and equipment, in order to ensure a high-quality overall performance.


Our production has always been based on the use of top quality or certified components, both for specifications and for the company’s vision. The highly skilled and experienced staff are perfectly familiar with the issues related to the management of strong and weak currents, isolation and safety at work. All supplies and systems are tested Internally in our Test Room. When requested, we carry out Type Tests with CESI certifications or other consultants. Since 1998 we have been certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015. Our organization and the validity of the internal procedures have made it possible to obtain, from the CSQ, the renewal of the certification with validity until 19/04/2021 (certificates attached).


Moditech srl is certified according to the UNI ISO 45001: 2018 standard. A goal strongly desired by the Company Management which believes in the value of safety for its own resources and which testifies the Company’s desire to distinguish itself as an aware and qualified SUPPLIER up to seize new opportunities, including international ones. To this end, the Policy of Moditech srl is the guide for the progressive improvement of the management system which, through the definition of objectives and targets, allows to maintain or increase its performance in the management of activities that present risks to health and safety of workers. For this purpose, Moditech srl, after having conducted an in-depth analysis and a rating of the risks of its organization and having identified the risks for workers that may derive from the performance of the activities directly managed or from those over which it can exercise its influence, has defined priority areas of intervention on which the following general objectives are set:
■ Ensure that its activities, on site or at the Operating Sites, are carried out in compliance with the current provisions of the law, by personnel adequately trained and provided with the most suitable individual and collective protection systems;
■ Identify possible emergency situations in order to implement actions capable of preventing an incident and to periodically plan and test the corrective actions necessary to deal with in case of an event;
■ Allocate the necessary resources to ensure the proper application of the principles of this policy and periodically verify the degree and effectiveness of application;
■ Maintain effective application of its Health and Safety Management System in the Workplace, involving resources and transferring responsibilities;
■ Provide a healthy work environment and carry out operations in such a way as to minimize the risks of injury, illness and accident;
■ Define objectives and goals, to be integrated with operational management and company development programs;
■ Share the procedures and practices adopted with external contractors, enabling employee responsibility.


Moditech Srl designs and develops basic and detailed engineering; it realizes and executes the tests, the checks, the commissioning of the systems and finally manages the maintenance. The experience and reliability achieved in this sector allows Moditech srl to operate in various industrial fields ensuring a high quality supply. The company is able to manage on its own every logistical aspect of the supply and handling of materials up to the construction site, so as to guarantee with its diversified and integrated activities the overcoming and consequent resolution of all the critical issues of a project from the engineering phase to the start up system. The increasing work carried out abroad in the recent years allows the Company to operate in every part of the world, relying on a team of highly specialized technicians able to develop complex projects while safeguarding the quality standards necessary for customer satisfaction.