Moditech Srl




The presence of Moditech srl in the sector dates back to 1980 with the acquisition of the former company ELTIN. The trolleys produced are of the standard type for mobile feeding of port cranes, overhead traveling cranes, industrial machines and moving systems. For specific needs, Moditech srl is able to design trolleys according to the required speed and capacity.

The production is mainly aimed at manufacturers of cranes and bridge cranes, as well as their maintenance staff and consists of a 2000 type galvanized and stainless steel and European type duct, with relative accessories; trolleys of various capacities for IPE and NP beams; the square tube line for curved systems; telescopic anti-collisions; the buffers; various accessories and also flat and self-supporting cables. Over time we have introduced a new line of power supply products called “trolley elite”, designed for all lifting equipment not exposed to atmospheric agents.